India - US Forum of Parliamentarians

The India-US Forum of Parliamentarians (IUPF), along the lines of the “India Caucus” and “Senate Friends of India” Group in the US Congress, provides an important platform to the Indian Parliamentarians to develop and strengthen India-US relations through Track II initiatives. Encompassing all aspects of bilateral relations, the Forum makes an earnest effort to facilitate wider exchange of views, dialogue and discussions on bilateral and global issues between Indian parliamentarians and their counterparts in the US, senior Administration officials, business leaders, opinion-makers and the Indian-American community, thereby adding an important parliamentary dimension to bilateral ties. The IUFP was launched on March 27, 2002. Currently, the IUFP is chaired by Mr. B J Panda (a prominent member of the Biju Janata Dal from Orissa).

Besides maintaining regular interactions with the members of the US Congress and the senior Administration officials, the Forum also facilitates constant dialogue process with prominent American opinion makers, leading think tank analysts, business leaders, and Indian-American community.


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